Headaches affect all of us at one time or another but some suffer more intensely an more often than others.  Our office recently trained and received certification to offer revolutionary tools and methods to address those with severe headache problems or TMJ problems.

We will thoroughly review your headache history and then offer a complimentary assessment exam.  If we think that we can help you, we will suggest a more comprehensive exam.

During the first exam, we will measure bite forces, range of motion and collect other  objective information that will help up chart a course toward treatment and relief.  Then you will decide if you want to move forward with treatment for your head and neck pain.

Please call our office for a 10 minute pain free complimentary assessment that may start you on the way toward comfort and headache free days. Visit  for more information.

Halloween Candy Buyback: November 1

Turn Halloween candy into dollars!  Our office will be buying back candy the day after Halloween for a good cause – Healdsburg SOS (Support Our Soldiers). Mary St Clair who heads up the local SOS will be re-packaging the candy for Christmas packages being sent to soldiers in Afghanistan. Of course, tooth brushes and toothpaste will be in the packages too.


Dr. Pam checks a Zombie’s mouth for cavities!

 We invite your kids to pop over to our office at 1526 Healdsburg Avenue between 3 and 5 PM and we will buy back their candy.  Each child will get $1 for each pound of candy and a small gift.   The buyback will be for the first 100 pounds of candy only so arrive early!!

CareCredit: A Health Care Credit Card

You know that you have dental problems, or your child is identified at a school screening as having decay. Unfortunately, dental decay is a progressive disease caused by bacteria that can spread from tooth to tooth. You know the decay isn’t getting better but times are tough, what do you do?

Consider asking your dentist if they are involved with CareCredit, a CDA endorsed plan that offers patients a dental credit card.  Some of the payment plans even offer 0% interest.

The advantage for you is that this allows you to get the disease in your mouth treated.  Your goal is to have a healthy, comfortable and attractive smile.  CareCredit may help you to get there sooner rather than later when more damage will have occurred.

Call our office at  433-0210 for more information.

Norway and the Superbugs!


You may know someone who developed a bad infection in the hospital while being treated for something else. The costs of these types of infections are $4.4 billion per year in the US alone. Medical and dental overuse of antibiotics is causing a worldwide problem due to mutations of the bacteria to form resistant strains.

A hopeful 2009 report from Norway suggests perhaps the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics may be reversed. Norway is the only country where killer superbugs are not a problem. Why?  “We don’t throw antibiotics at every person with a fever. We tell them to hang on, wait and see…” said Dr. John Haug, infectious disease specialist at Aker University Hospital. Maybe we should be asking our doctors and dentists if we really need that antibiotic next time.

Dr. Everson Gives Kids a Smile in 2012

Did you get your children in for a check-up in February?

give kids a smile day

Every year, hundreds of children across Sonoma County go without preventative and restorative dental care. February was Kids Dental Health Month, making it the perfect time to get your young ones in for a cleaning or other dental treatment!

dr pam at give kids a smile day

In effort to educate and treat disadvantaged youths across the county, Dr. Everson teamed up with Dr. Susan Cooper, DDS and the Sonoma County Oral Health Access Coalition to help provide dental care to over 450 kids on Give Kids a Smile Day. On February 3rd and 4th, Dr. Everson visited Dr. Kristen DeVinzenzi’s office to provide preventative and restorative care to children who do not have access to dental care.

dr pam at give kids a smile day

Over 160 people volunteered their time and energy to give hundreds of kids the smile they deserve. If you would like to volunteer next year or would like more information on how you can help, contact Cory Spencer at

give kids a smile day

For questions or information about SCOHAC or our oral health programs, please contact: Susan Cooper, DDS, Chair SCOHAC and Dental Director, Community Action Partnership at

Introducing Healthy People 2020

Healthy People 2020 launched a 10-year national program with objectives for improving the health of all Americans. It covers many health objectives for the American people including Genomics, Dementias, Diabetes. Sleep Health, Substance Abuse and Preparedness among a few.

For dentists, the Oral Health objectives are broken down into 17 separate areas and those are broken into goals for each objective.

  Sealants is goal #13 under oral health and the target is to increase the number of children, up through age 15 who receive sealants on their teeth.

The goal is to increase the number of children receiving sealants by 10%.  Right now only 25.5% of U.S. children aged 6-9 receive sealants on one or more of their permanent molars. The goal is to increase the amount 10% or up to 28.1% over 10 years.

Personally, that seems like such slow progress. Next time, more on Healthy People 2020.

Testimonial: “I no longer feel anxiety before going to my appointment at your office” – Bonnie