Dental Health Care for Low Income in Sonoma County

I attended my first meeting of the SCOHAC (Sonoma County Oral Health Access Coalition) this week and was amazed at the dedication and time that is given to helping promote more dental education in Sonoma County. Dr. Susan Cooper led the quarterly meeting attended by representatives  from the St Joseph’s system, public dental clinics, hygienists’ organization, Sonoma County Health Services, SRHC Health Sciences,  and other organizations and individual physicians  hygienists and dentists.

The Sonoma County Health Services has done some focus group research and is mounting a new campaign to help improve education for  low income families of all ethnic groups in the dental arena.   The SCOHAC  has simplified it mission and goals which aim at increasing access to dental care for everyone in our communities . What I took out of this meeting is that although many people are working hard and many dentists donating time to the clinics and in their own offices, access to quality, affordable care, especially children, is still a major concern among low income groups.

You can learn more at and

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