Temporary Anchorage Devices

Ellen wanted some new teeth on the bottom jaw but she had been missing bottom teeth so long that a couple of upper teeth had moved partway into the empty space.  We were going to have to compromise and make a very wavy shape to the new smile or come up  with something else.

Luckily, our orthodontist suggested temporary anchorage devices. TADs are a type of implant not meant to be permanent. Instead they provide a temporary hook to help orthodontic wires move teeth up back into the bone or straighten up tipped teeth.

Ellen’s case straightened up nicely and TADs are a great way to help some adults who thought that they needed  jaw surgery to get that new smile.

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Can I Have a Dental Implant If I Have Thinning of the Bone?

Gail, one of my patients, recently  asked about dental implants. She was worried about her mild osteoporosis and the success of an implant replacing her missing tooth.

Researching this area, I found an extensive study done in 2008 that compared women with normal bone, borderline osteoporosis and those with osteoporosis.  Other study factors were age, location of the implants and smoking status.

Women with osteopenia and osteoporosis showed no more implants failures than those with normal bone. Survival rates for the implants were over 90% after 10 years in all cases.

But, the failure rate was 2.6 times higher in smokers than non-smokers.  So  if you are considering implants, less than perfect bone density won’t stop you. However, a smoking habit may discourage a dentist from placing them.