“Mini” Implants and Removable Dentures

For many patients and dentists, a full denture is a frustrating experience. After teeth are removed, the bone that supported them has no function and it starts disappearing.   This results in a poorly fitting denture as time marches on and relining a denture sometimes just doesn’t help much.

Help is on the way with some of the more newly developed narrow width or “mini” implants. These implants are easier to place, a little less expensive for the patient and make a big difference in denture retention.

Most implants placed today are the standard sized and wide body implants used to support crowns and bridges. But these “mini “ implants can be used with small “O” rings to support a full denture and even sometimes a partial denture to provide more comfort and stability and change someone’s  life.

The Key to Saving Tooth Structure

“Minimally Invasive” is a term  used in medicine as well as dentistry today. In dentistry, this term refers to restoring a tooth while preserving the largest amount of healthy tooth structure.

The dental microscope has made minimally invasive dentistry much easier.  The dental microscope that we have in our office allows six steps of magnification from 2.1 to 19.2 magnification.

Dentists use a  microscope for everything from helping us see old white filling material when replacing with a new filling  to finding cracks in teeth to making sure all the decay is removed when doing a new sealant or filling.

We also  find that sitting upright while using the microscope helps with neck and shoulder pain and it gives us confidence that we are seeing everything possible to do the best job on those difficult cases.