How Well Are You Sleeping?

In 1993 the National Committee on Sleep Disorders outlined an urgent need for help for people with sleep problems in this country. Sleep disorders are connected with drug resistant hypertension, stroke, GERD, congestive heart failure and obesity along with others.

Good restorative sleep is important to many functions of the body including growth, integrating learning, cardiovascular health, and generally keeping the body on an even keel.

There are a number of sleep disorders ranging from “ snoring to circadian rhythm disorder to sleep movement disorders to the potentially dangerous sleep apnea which affects 20 million people in this country” according to Dr.  Michael Simmons who teaches at UCLA School of Dentistry. .

Again, according to a recent lecture by Dr. Simmons, 60 % of men over 60 years of age snore and 40% of those men have some obstructive sleep apnea. Even 25% of children experience some type of breathing obstruction.

Next time, more on sleeping disorders and treatments.

The Ozone and Your Teeth

Several years ago, a well- known lecturer commented on possible use of ozone in dentistry to treat decay. This was exiting to me and I did some research recently to get up to speed.

There is a system in use, Healozone , which is used mainly in the UK, Germany, New Zealand and Canada. It is not approved by the FDA but the U.S. National Institute of Health is just finishing a study on ozone use that should have results posted soon.

Ozone destroys bacteria that cause decay and may allow repair sometimes without doing a filling. Treatment involves a suction cup that seals off the tooth and delivers ozone to the tooth for different periods of time.  Another new study next time.