How Strong Is Your Foundation?

Beautiful crowns and veneers may be  in jeopardy if you have problems with the tissues around your teeth.

The bone and gums that support your teeth are the foundation of your mouth. Just like your house, if the foundation isn’t good, it doesn’t matter how pretty everything else looks.

During a yearly exam, your dentist will measure the distance between the top of the gums and approximately where the bone level is located.

If you hear  numbers over 3 mm and bleeding is present, this is a possible issue to be discussed. Treatment to reverse the situation is often easy and will get your numbers way down.

Then, you can go about treating cosmetic and other issues and getting that attractive ,healthy, and comfortable smile that you have always wanted.

Save On Dental Expenses, Guaranteed!!

Want to save on you future dental expenses  and make your dentist the bearer of good news? Let scientific studies be your guide.  Dental decay is the number one disease of children and affects the majority of adults.  To reduce the costs associated with dental care:

1.     Have your children see the dentist in their first year.

2.     Encourage healthy eating habits, reduce snacks between meals.

3. Brush your teeth and your children’s teeth 2 times a day and floss once a day. Children need help with this! I cannot over emphasize the benefits of flossing.

4.     The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends fluoridated water in young children to prevent decay in later years. If you are opposed to drinking fluoridated water, consider the use of fluoride toothpaste which reduces decay in young permanent teeth by 25%.

by Pam Everson, DDS